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Welcome to Gender Affirming Aftercare Group

Existing comfortable in spaces that have already been created


Gender Affrming Surgery (GAS) is a deeply personal and transformative experience that can bring about significant changes in a person's life. However, the post-operative period can be challenging, and many people struggle to find the necessary resources and information to support their recovery. This is where the Gender Affrming Aftercare Group comes in.
As a group dedicated to providing support and resources to those who have undergone GAS, we offer a range of services to help our members navigate the post-operative period. Our phone support and advice service is available to answer any questions or concerns our members may have, while our network of Primary Care Physicians, Specialist including Therapist and Counselors can provide specialized care and referrals. We also offer support groups and access to mental health providers, recognizing that the emotional and psychological impact of GAS can be significant.
At the Gender Affrming Aftercare Group, we recognize that every individual's experience is unique, and we strive to provide tailored resources and support to meet our members' needs. We regularly compile resources, viewpoints, and data from our members, partners, and external sources to ensure that we are providing the most up-to-date and relevant information. Since our founding in 2021, we have been committed to improving our collective impact and supporting the GAS community.


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Gender Affirming Aftercare

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Post Operative and Trans Experience Owned and Operated

Outstanding Quality

G.A.A.G is  Trans owned and the only medical group with a total concentration on providing exceptional Trans, Non Binary with peer counselors, friendly doctor referrals, national and local resources, support groups  to enjoy your experience in your affirmed gender. Our mission is "Not to create new spaces to exist in but to merely exist in the spaces that have already been created."

S.J. Edwards

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